About RabbitJax

Hello Everyone, my name is Ray Howard based in Longmont, Colorado. My brand is RabbitJax Clothing, Designing bold fashions for visionaries, where we believe self expression is mandatory.

RabbitJax Clothing was created to fill a present gap within the fashion industry; gender non-conforming fashion. We’re special because we’re making genderless fashions for those with vivid visions and dreams for their wardrobe.

Originally created in Memphis, TN in 2017. RabbitJax Clothing became an established brand after participating in Phoenix Fashion Week's Emerging Designer Bootcamp in the summer of 2021. RabbitJax has also been featured on AZ Morning News Channel 3's Fashion segment, as well as made our Runway debut on the Phoenix Fashion week stage in the Spring of 2022. 


Nick Paget, Senior Editor at World Global Style Network, said “ The notion that clothing belongs to one gender or another is a social construct that needs disassembling.” Rabbitjax Clothing is at that intersection, we want to build a bridge of wearables for this rapidly growing market and we hope you’ll join us.

Rabbitjax is currently cut and sew in house, and as we grow, we’ll scale manufacturing that can handle the rapidly growing demand for Rabbitjax Clothing in Stores.